Friday, June 16, 2017


I purchased this comb on May 3, it shipped on May 4 and by May the 8th it was sitting in my PO box. This is hands down the best detangling comb I have EVER had in all of my 12 years of being natural. .When I use this combs to massage my scalp it feels like my scalp starts to do a happy dance.

I have heard for years that our ancestors used wood style combs on their hair, well after using this comb I can believe it. 
Even though my hair shedding was already at a minimum, because of a diet change I do think this comb made my hair shedding even less. It definitely cuts my detangling time in half!  This comb just glided effortlessly through my hair and even when I would feel a big snag while detangling my hair this comb allowed me to use minimal effort to clear it out.
I feel like this is by far the closest comb that I have bought that mimics finger detangling. As I have stated previously I get almost no single strand knots because I have been making sure that I completely detangle on my shampoo/conditioning days. So if you are looking for a new better detangling comb option than check out


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