Monday, September 5, 2016

I still can remember my mom teaching me how to make southern sweet potato pie...she was known for her cooking. My momma was the family member that when we would go to family functions my cousins would ask her what all she cooked. It wasn't a secret and my mom took pride in having family members always going bananas over anything she cooked. 

So of course, I wanted to be able to cook like my mom... but her sweet potatoe pie was loaded with butter and sugar. Even though it tasted good to you it most definitely wasn't good for you. Well as I continue on this high alkaline diet, I have been challenge to think out of the traditional cooking box and learn to eat to live. Like most melanoid people, I love sweet potato pie ... remember the Pattie pie phenomenon? Yeah, we don't play about sweet potato pies lol! So when I found out that it was not alkaline I started on a journey to find an alternative pie.

Normally, when I make alternative recipes for food I have learned to practice expectation management. Well surprisingly this recipe surpassed my expectations. It was really good and actually tasted like sweet potato pie. I couldn't believe that you can make an exceptional pie without refined sugar, eggs or milk. I'm still in was so good that I made three pies this week.

 I actually enjoy making things from scratch...this alkaline journey has taught me how to truly pay attention to everything I eat which is a good thing. I'm proud that I'm not rushing when it comes to cooking but taking my time to truly plan out my family's meals for the week.

 My biggest surprise is that my sugar addict husband loved it. I followed Ty' recipe except I didn't use agave nectar or coconut oil. I used grapeseed oil instead of coconut oil and added more date sugar to the recipe. Also, a couple of teaspoons of ground ginger or ginger juice kicked this pie up another notch.

This pie uses Butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are extremely high in starch which can contribute to the onset of diabetes and other dangerous health elements. Butternut squash is extremely high in Vitamin A (improves vision & produces healthy hair sebum) plus a great source for Vitamin C (antioxidant) & E (reduces hair loss & good skin).  It is low glycemic with a decent source of iron and calcium. Taste the mixture before putting it into the pie shell and adjusted the sweetness levels accordingly.




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