Thursday, May 12, 2016

When I was a child, we would occasionaly run out of milk for cereal so we used water as a substitute instead. Not exactly a good substitute, but it was all we had so we made due. Now I know, if you just add soaked walnuts to that water you would actually have milk. Not just milk, but a healthy non-dairy alternative as well!

Nut milk is so fascinating to me! Who would believe that you can make a rich milk using walnuts?!? This morning as I was making homemade spelt waffles for my husband, I discovered that we didn't have any more store bought almond milk. So milk girl to the rescue! I used the following recipe but adjust as you see fit.


                          1            cup of soaked walnuts 

                                       (soak over night)

                         24 - 32   ounces ounces of water 
                                      (adjust to your desired creaminess)

                         5-6         pitted medjool dates 
                                       (optional: adds sweetness) 

                            1         dash of sea salt

Blend all the ingredients on the highest speed for 2-4 minutes until a milky foam forms. Drain the nut milk with a strainer or a nut bag and then pour into a glass bottle like old times. ENJOY!!


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