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I can still hear the elders in my family talking about how women tend to physically cross over to the fat side after they have a child or two and never return to their original size. Well after my second child I was determined to beat the fat odds that was common in my family/friends.

I started my second pregnancy about 10 pounds bigger than my first pregnancy and I gained about 10  pounds more. So I had my work cut out for me from the beginning. I walked two miles - three to four times a week in the beginning of my pregnancy but because of my extreme fatigue plus the Southern heat my husband thought it was best for me to stop walking so far. He also wanted to be closer to the house just in cased something happened while we were walking.

6 months pregnant racing my 3 year old son....well you know I had to hit him with that work.

After my baby was born, I started working out about 12 weeks later. I lost about 30 pounds by just breastfeeding, so I had about 20 more pounds to be just under my weight I was before my first pregnancy. I  decided to joined the local gym and started taking some of the extreme classes a few times a week. I took these classes after my last pregnancy but since I was bigger it was a lot harder to say the least.

My first day was the worst ...I was barely able to jog 300 meters without walking. My instructor was awesome and jogged on side of me while she encouraged me to keep pushing. Everybody probably beat me around that building...all I could do was watch people pass me by. I am an athlete so I'm probably a little more competitive than the average person even though I did just have a baby I still wanted to win.

As each grueling workout went by I just kept encouraging myself...I told myself to keep pushing and digging deeper. After about 6 months, I lost another 10 pounds which technically put me at my beginning second pregnancy weight which was ok but I wanted to get into better shape.

I decided to start training with my husband. We decided that it was time for me to start having a long term life goal instead of a short term goal. I think that when we have short term goals we have a tendency to obtained it then fall completely off of the wagon. Whereas the long term life goals keep you on your toes and it's ever increasing. So we decided to both compete in the master's track and field circuit this summer.

My husband designed a track and field, as well as a weight training workout schedule for me plus I still kept up a few classes at the gym as well. The weight started coming off....and now I'm actually within five pounds of my senior year high school weight.  I'm very blessed to have a husband that not only trains me but also trains with me. Some days he will actually run on side of me with the baby in the stroller. I'm very grateful and blessed to have him in my corner.

On top of the track workouts I also stopped eating dairy, meat, and REFINED SUGAR for 60 days. I feel like this helped my body cross completely over back to the athletic side. Here are some challenges I did along my journey....feel free to joined in.

    3 MTHS POST                                         7 MONTHS                                                16 MONTHS                                                                                                                                                      

I was about 13 months post here....doing track workouts with my husband was the beginning of  my body starting to really chiseled.




                  16 MONTHS POST

Challenge #1 - Exercise
Complete 20-30 exercise programs of your choice. Each exercise program must be at least 20 minutes long. I also think that if you can't get to weights that you commit to 50+ abs/push ups/body squats daily...straight prison style. This 50 can be broken up into sets of tens until you build up your strength.


Challenge #2 - Weight Loss
Lose 5 pounds this month.
Note: This challenge ends on the 15th day of the next month. Please post your results+pics to our group text every week/month.

Challenge #3 - Water
Drink at least 1/2 - 1 ounce of water per your body weight. So if you were 135 pounds then you would drink 67.5 plus of water every day.

Challenge #4 - Greens
60+ Green Smoothies, salads and/or healthy servings of green veggies! Get your Greens in!

Challenge #5 - Inch Loss
It not always about the scale! To complete this challenge lose 2 inches off your waist this month!

Challenge #6 - Healthy Eating
On this challenge you have to eat healthy for 30 full days. No cheating days. This plan includes lean proteins, whole grains, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables which are baked, broiled, steamed or stir fried. NO SUGAR


NOTE: I'm Actually doing a high plant base diet. No meat for 60 days. Then I plan to start treating my meat consumption as a dessert. So I will eat a small amount of meat a few times a week. It won't be a daily thing for me any more. Veggies will become the big portion of my plate from now on. My dessert will be fruit base....NO MORE REFINE SUGAR. NO DAIRY.

Challenge #7 Fall Back from the Computer/Phone/TV 
Unless I'm doing something business related as of a few weeks ago I have completely fell back from talking on the phone/computer/tv. They are distractions from things I should be doing(praying,bible,husband,kids,business,house chores etc.). Not running my mouth on the phone or reading about other people's lives that I don't like on the computer. Get out and see people. You know how they used to do things .lol.

 Challenge #8 Get Some Sleep 
Each time I have a baby my usual good sleeping habits crash and burn. Even though a good night sleep is hard to come by for new moms....I have learned to fight for my right to get sleep. I also suggest that you make sure your magnesium, calcium and potassium minerals are on point since they help with stress levels.

UPDATE: I'm currently trying a high Alkaline diet (Dr. Sebi) far so good. I will be posting some of my recipes this week. Stay Tuned!


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