Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the South there is a saying that death comes in threes and when a person in your family dies then a baby is going to be born. Within the last 18months my last grandfather passed away, followed by my father only 9 months later. Well, days before my second birth I got the horrible news that my mother had passed away in her sleep. We had planned on her coming to the hospital to watch me give birth…well this never happen.

Three days after my mother passed, I woke up to mild contractions about 2:00 oclock in the morning. I waddled to the living room to informed my husband who was playing playstation at time. I was relieve he was up because I knew the next several hours were gonna be intense and I needed him to be on his A-game. He gathered our things for the hospital and started timing my contractions…which were coming about 10 -12 minutes apart.

I called the the midwife on duty who told me to drink as much water as possible and call back when the contractions were coming closer together. My 3 yr old son decided to get up after he heard momma whimpering in pain. So he asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was about to have his sibling shortly but wasn't in too much pain. I walked to the bathroom…then ask my husband to help me get up off of the toilet. As he was helping me an intense contraction hit me which cause me to drop to my knees and hold his calves tight as hell. My toddler saw me on the floor and immediately stop believing mommy wasn't in "that much pain".

I decided to go to bed and prop my legs up as well as surround myself with beaucoup pillows…this actually help a lot. My husband continued to time my contraction as I tried to dose off in between them. My son laid next to me and grabbed my hands. He told me that holding his hands would make me feel better. It worked and as my contractions slowed down to about 15 minutes apart…I napped in between. I woke up about 4-5 hours later when my contractions started to pick up again.

About 9am when I woke up, it touched my heart to see my son laying there with his little hand still holding on to mine. I called to my husband, who was asleep in my son's room, to help me up. He did and immediately started timing me again. My contractions were about 7-10 minutes apart at this time. I had a prenatal appointment at 1:30 that evening so I figured until they drop down to 5 minutes I would continue to labor from the house. My husband made breakfast, got our son dressed, and lovingly helped me through my contractions.

We left the house at 1:00pm,  headed to the hospital for my appointment. My husband continued to time my contractions as he drove...which stayed 7 - 10 minutes apart. My husband wanted to drop me off at the concierge area where the wheel chairs were located but I told him I could walk to the garage elevators. Well, I should have taken his advice because I looked like a 5th season "walker" from the show The Walking Dead as I drag my legs across the concrete.

I managed to make it to the midwives office for my "check up". I was informed that I was around 7-8 cms...and the baby would be here soon. I made it to the delivering room around 2:00 pm. After checking the baby for 20 minutes…I got one of the most intense contractions ever. I yelled out and beat the chair I was sitting in like crazy. My midwife informed me that I should empty my bladder…after I emptied it she help me up. As soon as I stood up a super contraction hit me and once again I fell to my knees.

I stood up and began walking to the chair I was previously sitting in when another contraction hit me again. She informed me that the baby would be here very soon. The nurse started running the water in the tub as my husband grab me and held me for the next few contractions. My husband, just like for the last birth is a real SOLDIER, because I bit his arm several times as I swore I was going to faint.

The water the nurse ran was too hot so I had to wait for my midwife to cool it off. This only took a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity. It felt like I was going to have the largest bowel movement in life…except my butt was gonna split in to two pieces afterwards. I thought if I could only get in the water all would be right with the world.

Once the water was at a tolerable temperature, my old track and field trainings kicked in and I started high kneeing it into the tub. I got on my knees and held the side of the tub. Immediately I felt better and was ready to deliver my baby. Unlike the last time I delivered, I knew this time I had to push or I would be in pain for longer then necessary. In between each contraction I heard my husband and the midwife cheering me on. I yelled and beat the side of the tub as I pushed with each forceful contraction. At one point in time I remember the midwife saying that 
I was ok and that my yell was my "birth cry". 

About 15-20mins into it, I reached down and felt the head… my midwife told the nurse to get my son ,who was in the hall with my father in law, because the baby would be here any minute. As she said it the baby made his grand entrance into the world with one last push. He was 7lbs 6 oz and 20 1/2 inches long…I was over joyed! 

I'm so thankful that God allowed me to deliver another baby naturally. My midwife Kate from the women to women midwifery was such a professional…very bold, encouraging, and open to all my unconventional ideas the whole 9 months. Last but not least I'm so thankful to my loving husband who is the best doula/birthing coach a girl could ask for. Be Blessed.