Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last year I had a slight setback and had to get a major hair cut. It got me to pondering what I was doing wrong in my hair care regimen. I eventually learned that our curly hair needs moisture daily as well as a good sealant to lock the moisture in. I started spritzing my hair with hot spring water and aloe vera for moisture than applying grape seed or almond oil through out my hair. I would put oil on my hands, rub them together then apply it down my hair shaft.

Eventhough this is a pretty good method...because I workout hard and normal wear/tear, I started doing a more intense sealing methodsSplit ends, or as the hair experts call it, trichoptilosis, is a common problem for many people. Split ends occur when the protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair. The hair will then split into two or more strands.  Once the damage has occurred, the best thing to do it cut them then start doing an intense/consistent moisturize/sealing regimen.

1) Super Soaking Ends: I started putting grape seed oil in my adjustable tip applicator bottle to literally soak my ends. I grab a hand full of ends then point the applicator towards them and soak them down.  Of course I spitz my hair with my water mixture first. Finally, I cover my hair with a silk scarf until morning. My ends stay extremely moist for days.

2) Dipping  Ends: On the week I dip my ends week, I pour grape seed oil in a disposable container then dip my ends in it. I probably dip about 1/2 of an inch length of hair. I will only put just enough oil to dip my hair in for that day, then take what's left over to apply to the rest of my hair, after I spitz it first of course.

So how do you seal your ends? And what do you use a butter, cream or oil?


  1. I don't baby my ends like I should but your post has zapped me back into reality. I will seal my end tonight.

    1. i had to learn this the hard way ;(( Since you got waist length have you reached your goal? Or are you shooting for more length?