Monday, August 12, 2013

After last weeks post I got some emails asking about how often or in what order I used Fenugreek in my weekly regimen. So I decided to write a cliff note post of how I used Fenugreek depending on if I'm doing henna or not. As stated in my original post, I usually do a acv rinse/conditioner mid week to keep my scalp relatively clean until wash day a few days later.

SIDENOTE: I have changed my Rhassoul mix slightly...I will do a post on it in a few days. So Stay Tuned!


1) Apply Rhassoul Clay Mix on damp hair... Leave in for 20-30 minutes...Then Rinse

2) Apply Fenugreek paste mixed with a conditioner of your choice...leave in for 1-2 hours...then rinse

3) Next apply the conditioner of your choice ...leave in for 5 -10 minutes

4) Detangle then Braid,Twist or Bantu knot to air dry.

1) Apply  Henna Treatment...Rinse/shampoo the treatment

2)  Apply Fenugreek paste mix with a conditioner of your choice for 1-2 hours then rinse

3) Apply Conditioner of your  Choice for 5 -10 minutes

4) Detangle then Braid, Twist or Bantu knot to air dry.

UPDATE: Make sure you apply a generous amount of coconut oil or any oil of your choice on the hair shaft before you apply fenugreek. This makes the fenugreek paste rinse out easier!


  1. What have you noticed about your hair applying Fenugreek to your hair?

    1. Less shedding and hair breakage. Also it is so much easier to comb :d