Monday, January 21, 2013

The darkest of our henna blocks, Caca Noir is made from a blend of the finest Persian henna and deep blue indigo hues to leave hair soft, glossy, and deeply conditioned. If you have dark hair, you’ll end up with a rich blue-black tint that blends magnificently with reddish hues. As with all our hennas, the more frequently you use Caca Noir, the more the color will intensify. After the first use, expect your hair to turn several shades darker. However, to truly release your darker side, keep applying every 4-6 weeks.

I have been toying with using henna to dye my hair for many moons now. So after much prayer and fasting(LOL), I finally worked up enough nerve to try LUSH Caca Noir Mama. The Caca Noir makes the hair black because Indigo as well as other ingredients like coco butter are mixed in this thick henna bar. I wanted my hair super duper black. so after doing a lot of research I decided to put in Indigo immediately after applying my Lush Henna Caca Noir  Mama bar. This step ensures that I would get the blackest color possible.

What I used:
Lush Henna Caca Noir 
*CMC powder (optional)
Distilled Water

The Process: 

You will first need to apply a Henna application. I decided to use Lush Henna because I'm a novice to the Henna world and didn't want too many trial and errors with color in my hair.

1. I grated 3 Lush Henna Caca Noir bars into a powdery fine grain. My hair is right above APL and 3 bars were enough for me. I think that by taking the time to grate the Lush Henna into a powdery texture actually was the reason I was able to get away with just using 3 bars instead of the whole bar. Even though doing this was time consuming it will save you money in the long run.

2. Add the grated lush henna powder to a glass bowl than place it in a pot of water. I only filled my pot half way. This kept the water from spilling into my Henna mixture. Heat up mixture on a medium heat.

3. Slowly pour in distilled warm/hot water while stirring. You want to get a thick consistency...similiar to brownie mix. As you can see mine came out more like yogurt, because I added to much water too fast. So make sure to only add a little at a time to achieve a thick green mixture.

An example of a thicker henna mixture not to watery
4. Put a liberal amount of vaseline or Lush's Ultrabalm around the hairline to keep the henna from staining your hairline. You can make a "vaseline" as well. I recommend that you apply some thick Vaseline to your hands and wrist because even though I had on gloves I some how got Henna in my nails during the process. It took me forever to get it do yourself a favor coat your hands/wrist than put your gloves on.

5. Apply mixture liberally to your hair, cover and allow to sit for about 1-4 hours. - Do not manipulate your hair too much over this time. Manipulating it can cause a mass of tangles and knots. 

Lush Cacanoir henna

6. Since I wanted to achieve the darkest color possible I didn't cover my head with saran wrap, but I did cover it with a rayon net with large holes. Indigo needs air to fully develop in it's darkest shiniest glory.

7. After 1-4 hours, rinse with water until you rinsed out most of the Henna. You can then rinse the remainder of the Henna out with the aid of conditioner, OR you can immerse your hair in a tub/sink filled with water. I did all three...rinse, immerse, and conditioned in that order.

8. Once you have thoroughly rinsed out the Henna, it's time to mix your Indigo. 

Indigo/CMC powder mix

9. In a new clean bowl, add 1-2 packs of Indigo to it. I also added 2 pack of CMC powder to my two packs of Indigo mix. The CMC powder is makes the mixture creamier. You could used vanilla pudding instead.

10. Slowly pour in distilled water while stirring

11. Once the mixture has gotten to a thick, pudding consistency; you can apply it to your hair immediately! No need to wait, this stuff releases color immediately. 

12. Apply it the same way you applied the Lush Henna. Make sure you apply this mixture from the roots to the tip for nice, for even coverage. 


13. Allow the Indigo to sit for about 1-2 hours for a rich, black tone. For even darker tones [like deep night black], leave it on overnight. 


14. Rinse with water until you rinsed out most of the Indigo. You can then rinse the remainder of the Indigo out with the aid of conditioner, OR you can immerse your hair in a tub/sink filled with water. I did all three...rinse, immerse, and conditioned in that order.

15. Now it's time to condition your hair. Deep condition with a plastic bag using your favorite deep conditioner. This restores healthy moisture levels in your strands, making your hair supple, and full of body. I used a cheapie conditioner mix with honey, avocado oil and coconut oil. 

SIDENOTE:  I used two packs of Indigo which was a big mistake, because I only used half of my mix. Next time, I will start with one pack than add as needed. Also make sure to used a silk or satin black bonnet to protect your sheets afterwards!

BOTTOM LINE: The process is messy as all get out and a definite pain. hair came out a shiny black stallion black. Since I went natural I have only used "natural" dye on my hair a few times. I never liked the black color that I achieve plus I was always suspicious of the "natural" ingredients.
My color came out similar to when I used to put  black gloss color on my hair many years ago.
My hair feels healthier and stronger, looks silkier and appears light-reflecting radiant! 


UPDATES ( 2016) : I was told by a lush's associate that if you used caca rouge and let it sit for 3 hours. Than wait at least 72 hours then apply caca noir...letting it sit on the hair for 3 hours. You will get a jet black coverage as well, even on gray hair. The red henna will adhere itself to gray hair so when the caca noir henna is applied a few days later it will give a complete black coverage.


  1. I only use henna and indigo to color my hair. I have allergy to hair dye so henna is my only choice.

  2. My definition of healthy hair is hair that strong, shiny, and free of scalp issues. I know some associate the length of their hair with how healthy it is, but I feel long or short one can achieve healthy hair by maintaining a healthy diet and regimen.

  3. Healthy hair is shiny, really strong and resistant to whatever torture we put it through! :)