Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mrs. Route's famous pound cake...


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Place in the oven and bake for suo bfuoudn fh9898y78h 

Unfortunately, you will have to decode this because she would kill me if I posted it! I had to at least post the picture of the beautiful Hertiage Bundt cake design. Ever since I was a little girl, Mrs. Route made the best pound cakes ever! I have never tasted a pound cake that was moist without adding milk, sour cream or cream cheese. It's still the same 4 ingredients that every pound cake recipe uses except, it's how she applies it that separates her recipe from all of the ones I have ever found online and in books.

mixing the sugar and an ungodly amount of butter...

nice smooth texture

Make sure you butter and flour you cake pan well before adding the mix

Don't over fill like I did...a cake needs room to rise.

beautiful cake design

Use this swirling cast-aluminum pan to create Bundt cakes in the original 1950 shape. Nordic Ware based its vintage design on an old German stoneware mold for baking a ring-shaped kugelhopf, similar to American coffee cake.

So what cake pans do you use to make pound cake? or any cake?

            HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!


  1. My mom makes her pound cake in a cake pan like about or a bread pan.

  2. Oh my goodness...this looks so delicious!!! My grandmother used to make her poundcakes like this sometimes. Thanks for stopping by my blog~returning the favor.

  3. This doesn't just look's gorgeous! I just have really simple, normal pans. I had one that was in the shape of a Christmas tree, but I failed at using it properly so I just sold it.

  4. well, I might have trouble following the recipe, but the end result is beautiful!!
    sarah hirsch