Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Beauty Within

this Hollywood world so pretentious
every other girl got a perm or extensions
but you don even rarely wear lipstick
still your beauty is a natural mystic
indigenous strong cheekbone from your lineage
not what the mainstream image is
natural hair as your heritage
but to see it without chemicals
is rare as the pyramids
i was coming from the gym again
bumping 2pac "never call you ... again"
she crossed the street, melanin glistening
felt the energy something
about to show interest in
a prototype eve from genesis
ghetto empress Nefertiti resemblance
so sweet so street and genuine
real black girl i salute your existance
i can see us just kickin it
building an intimate friendship
more than just hittin it
down to earth like greens n cornbread
she dont need no weaves or contacts
not judging other girls that got that
im just sayin your the truth never doubt that
cuz you got that


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