Monday, September 3, 2012

Lately, I have been fine tuning my regimen trying to make it as simple as possible. I have tweaked my  old regimen a little these past few weeks by adding herbal rinses. As you can see from the picture below my hair is super thick and my scalp is barely visible. I'm trying to make sure I don't have shedding or hair breakage unnecessarily.

Herbal Rinses: On wash day I now do a final rinse with a herbal tea. My new herbal rinse consist of rosemary, sage, blue malva and marshmallow root. Blue malva stops any breakage in it's tracks and black/green tea rinse has stop my shedding by 50 - 60 percent. If your hair is abnormally shedding or breaking you might want to get herbal rinses in your life. I use very little commercial products...they just don't measure up to natural oils and herbs.


Rosemary: Purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and stimulating, this aromatic member of the mint family is a tremendous conditioner for the hair. It also can be used a higher quantities in a rinse to darken the hair.

Sage: The fragrant herb is purifying, antimicrobial, cleansing, and astringent. Like rosemary, it is tremendous conditioner for hair.

Blue Malva: This herb is extremely effective in controlling breakage, and repairing chemically damage hair.

Marshmallow Root:  Adds "slip" which helps to nourish and detangle highly textures hair.

Fenugreek  - Prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, helps strengthen hair shaft, light protein

Buns vs Braids: I used to wash my hair and put it in a bun to air dry. Over time this has cause unnecessary knots and tangles. Now I put my hair in 8 medium size braids, then let it air dry. I have finally learned to keep my hair stretch out after I wash it. This helps my hair dry in an untangled state, which leads to less breakage. Since I rarely blow dry my hair, air drying is the best drying method for me. Over the last 8 years my hair has only been blow dried approximately 6-7 times. I just don't used heat unless necessary.

after I wash/conditioned... I put my hair in 8 braids to air dry
After it air dries I finger comb, then put each braid into big twist

Now I'm ready to style as usual. Even though I cut off 3 inches a few months ago...My hair is almost back to it's previous lengths. I think I may be full BSL by december.

So what are you changing in your old regimen?


  1. When you blow dry do you do the tension method? I haven't blow dried my hair for almost a year. You hair will be bra strap length by Christmas, for sure.

    I need to do the black tea rinse because of my thyroid condition, I have hair loss. I'm going back to using my HairMax laser comb and I will incorporate the tea rinse.

  2. Yes the last few times I used the tension method. I blow dry my momma's hair and I use this method as well. It works the best in my opinion and it uses less heat. I never heard of the Hair Max laser to google it lol!

    You will love the tea rinses they definitely work!!!

  3. I changed how i moisturize now. This is my updated regimen: