Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My momma has always change her hair styles with the quickness. She never stayed with just one style for too long. She is one of the few people I know that would go natural one year then two years later get a relaxer, only to cut her hair in a mini fro the next. Her hair grows really fast, plus at 60 years old she has hardly any grays.

Once again she decided to go natural last year so I have been flat ironing her hair the last few months. Recently, I asked her if she wanted me to flat iron it again, she said heck no, I want it all cut off! I'm ready to rock a TWA again, but this time for good. I want a low maintenance fro that I can wash and go. So this week my momma's going to big chop once and for all. I realized that if my momma wasn't so carefree about hair, maybe I wouldn't have been so open about natural hair all of my life.

BB KING,  My Beautiful Momma, & GP

I always loved natural hair, but I was just afraid to cut my hair. My momma didn't have those hang ups. She would cut her hair with no problem. When I was about 13/14 years old, I asked my momma if I could get a relaxer, which she responded if that's what I wanted. She never had a dislike towards natural hair...I appreciate her for that. After my Aunt Stella died I would go to Mrs. Bernice to get a hot comb on my hair every two weeks. As I look at it now, I'm not sure which was worst... the infamous hot comb or the horrible relaxers.

I remember my first perm like it was yesterday, our neighbor Mrs. Joanne gave me a TCB box perm.
My hair burned like fire...yet I had to keep it in until it was straight since I had virgin hair which took longer than the box recommended. The next day, I had puss scabs all over my head...I thought I would go bald for sure! Yet everyone complemented me on how pretty it was... the brainwashing was in full effect.

Over the years, I fantasized about going college friend reminded me that I always talked about going natural. Sometimes in life you are scared to step into the unknown...but when you crossover to the other side you wonder what took you so long.


  1. I'm going on 20 years chemical free next year and it's very liberating. I just think about the money I saved over the years. It would be 26 years but I went back to the crack. Does your mom want to keep it short?

  2. Yes, she just wants the low maintenance of a short fro.