Monday, September 10, 2012


Last week our area was hit with another terrible Hurricane, and even though it was not Katrina it did leave a path of destruction in it's after mat. Usually we leave when ever any hurricane enters the Gulf, but since this one was teetering back and forth between a tropical storm and a Hurricane category one DH -we decided to ride this one out. He We canceled our hotel reservations after he decided we decided that we could easily ride out this Hurricane.

I must admit when DH cancel our hotel reservation I wasn't too happy. As we watch the storm approach on the news, I became even more antsy about the whole idea. The winds of Isaac hit New Orleans with intense force that knock down trees  in our yard with little effort. One time I remember looking at the pecan tree that set over our shed, and thought that it won't be long now. Even though our shed survived, our Banana tree wasn't so lucky.

After Isaac finally started moving towards the west we ventured out and checked out the damage. I went about a mile up the street,  suddenly a huge branch fell right in front me in a blink of an eye! Trust me that little scene could have been bad on so many levels. I hurried up home...

Even though we will never stay for another Hurricane, I decided to put together a survival list. Hopefully this will help someone...

1) Get Out Of Town: I can't stress this enough! Start a saving account so you and your family can get the blank out of town. Plan to be gone at least 5- 7 days.

2) Drop The Temperature in Your Refrigerator: Since you can bet your bottom dollar that the electricity will go off, drop the temperature in your refrigerator to it's lowest settings. This will cause your refrigerator to become  freezer like, which will help refrigerate your food a little longer while you wait for ENTERGY the electric company to restore the power to your house.

3) Water: Some days into the Hurricane a radio caller suggested that we needed to boil our water for safety reasons. DH had already told me to stop using the water, plus he filled our tubs and sinks with water days before. We also had 4 - 5 Gal bottles of water on hand. I don't think you can buy too much water during a storm.

4) Ice: Get 15 - 20 bags of ice because you don't know when the lights will be on again. We didn't get our electricity on for over 6 days. So once our ice melted we lost all of our food.

5) Clear All Gutters/Yard: The drainage on our street is not good so we cleared all our drains as well as gutters. This could keep water from rising on your street, because when those pumps stop you are on your own.

6) Food: Make sure you have enough storable food for at least 7 days. I cooked a big pot of beans right before the lights went out. We were able to easy store it on ice and warm it up. Katrina taught us to only get a gas stove, so even thought the electricity was off we were able to still cook. Electric stoves suck during Hurricanes.

7) Battery Operated Radios: I guess this goes without saying, but make sure you have a battery or crank operated radio. You will not have access to a T.V for updated news, so the radio will help you stay informed.

8) Flashlights/Candles: Of course get large amounts of candles and flashlights. Dh husband had a hand-held 18 v kit that had a light attachment. This light put out a bright yet uniformed light that lit up most of the room. During our time of darkness this light gave us some "normalcy".

9) Clean Your House: Keep your house super clean. Make sure everything is in order because when it's dark and humid cleaning is the last thing you are thinking of. Right up until the electric went out we kept washing small loads of clothes and dishes.

10) Get a Landline: Katrina taught us that "he who don't have a landline will not be able to talk during a disaster". Cell phone towers were damaged, which lead to congested cell phone airways. So get a land line...and get a old Ma Bell phone. A cordless phone will not work when all of the electricity is out.


11) Gas up your Cars: Before/After a storm there is usually a gas shortage. Also some gas stations used this as a time to price gauge, so gas up as soon as you hear a hurricane might be be headed in your direction. You also want to be able to drive around as well as leave the city in a second.

12) Battery Operated Fans: Unfortunately for us we didn't have a battery operated fan. The first few days during/after a storm passes there is a nice breeze that lingers around. When this breeze leaves you are left with a heat from hell, and since there is no electric, your house will feel like a sauna. Do yourself a favor and buy several of these...

13) Rain Boots: Enough said.

14) Life Preservers: Just incase the water starts rising rapidly make sure you have some life preservers on hand. The local stores sales these for under $5.00, so this item won't brake the bank.


15) Hatchet: Get a hatchet just in case you have to run to your attic, because the waters are rising. This way you can hatchet your way threw the roof if the waters keep rising. I've heard too many stories of people dying in their attics during Katrina. So be prepared just in case.

16) Sanitation: I remembered talking to my husband's uncle sister after she had left Charity's Hospital a about a week after the storm. She was one of the many medical staff that chose to  stay...well she told us that since the water supply was low they lined the toilets with trash bags to hold human waste. The would only through the bag away when some one had a solid waste deposit.
After I heard this story I added a portable toilet to our survival gear plus I save bags from every grocery store visit.

17) Personal Hygiene: Waterless bath clothes are what home health-care aides use to bathe patients. These moist washcloths clean without water, and the moisture evaporates quickly without leaving a residue.

So What Tips Do you Have for Ridding Out A Hurricane????


  1. Great tips anyone can use in different areas of the country. Gumbo Hair, I'm an avid watcher of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic channel. I've gotten so many tips from that show, you should watch it. They will start a new season in the winter. You forgot a big one; you need a first aid kit, stocked with medicines and such.

    1. Yes, your are right a first aid kit is a absolute must. I've purchase extreme medical ones as well as basic ones over the years. Thanks for the Doomsday Preppers tip!