Thursday, August 23, 2012

I always write about my DH's food & drink addiction, but now it's time to admit one of mine. I love ... HotDogs. I used to travel to Chicago for music festivals, Garrett's cheesy mix and HOTDOGS!!! Well after I discovered what's in most hotdogs, I would only eat them on occasions when I could get house made beef dogs.

I'm currently not eating meat, but recently since I've been making veggie burgers, I became curious about veggie dogs. I'm not into soy base products so I was pleasantly surprised when Dreamy Weenies told me that their veggie dogs are bean based. My DH ordered the Genchilli kosher beef hotdog with cheese and I ordered the veggie "dog" with the vegan chili. We rounded out our dogs with the sweet potato fries, which to our delight one of the owners gave us the special "drizzle" sauce to dip them in. The sugary  "drizzle" sauce isn't on the menu, but is offered to guest on occasions. As we waited for our orders, I observed a group of people do a "my food is so good" dance in the corner.

The dogs were so good as well as so New Orleans. The creole mix added to these already extremely tasty dogs. The sweet potato fries were cooked to crispy perfection and the "drizzle" sauce added a Thanksgiving yam holiday feel to the whole meal. We had the sweet tea to wet our satisfied palettes. It wasn't super Mississippi sweet, but more I'm diabetic sweet. This was just right for us...Do yourself a favor and walk no run to Dreamy Weenies and be ready for a real treat!

Dreamy Weenies  
740 N. Rampart St.


DH enjoyed his Genchilli Koscher Hotdog!

Nasr Nance, left, and Ahmad Shakir owners of Dreamy Weenies, 740 N. Rampart St. across from Armstrong Park


  1. I've never heard of this place before. I'll check it out next time I'm in town.

  2. They are new! Very clean though and def worth it!

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