Monday, June 18, 2012

I constantly get questions on how in the world can my husband and I go raw for long periods of time without breaking. Well, we have learned the hard way, besides self control you need to expand your recipe repertoire. Also, try to take vegetables and fruits that you already love and experiment until you find something that you would eat raw, rather you were raw or not.

Well, we love apples, either cooked or uncooked. So why not make a raw apple pie, right?
I took pictures from two different tries so you will see two different pie pans lol. Both times, I nailed it! Take a look at my recipe and play around with the ingredients until you have the raw apple pie of your dreams.

crust ingredients:

2 cups of pecans (presoaked pecans for 6 hrs)
2 dashes of sea salt
1/2  of raw honey
1/4  cup of olive oil

1) Soak and drain pecan until they are soft,and grind them in a food processor until you obtain a coarse meal.

2) Then mixed in sea salt , olive oil and honey.

3)  The mixture should be a cookie dough like consistency. Take mix and put into a 9 inch pie pan then press it out into a shape of a pie.

filling ingredients:

4-5 large sweet organic apples
1/2 cup fo raisins
3-4 medjool dates
2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1) Slice and core apples. Save one apple for garnishing but put the rest into a food processor.

2) Add remaining ingredients and blend until well mixed.

3) Place mixture into the pie crust and garnish with remaining apples. Delicious and extremely nutritious!

So what have you tried raw lately?


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