Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I had been natural for 4 years and only had my hair slightly flat iron twice. Slightly meaning it was in a Donna Summer’s doo by the end of the day. This was cool for me because I LOVE my natural hair. Any who, after reading several positive reviews about Robin of I LOVE GROOVE in ATL, I figured since I was coming to the ATL for a B-day party, why not try it out?

On Friday I arrived at the Salon for my wash, hydration treatment, blow dry and flat iron. First off, I love the décor of the place. It has a Love Jones type of vibe to it, real classy! The art work and multi-color hard wood floors was awesomely vintage. Robin introduced herself and then asks me how long I have been natural. She explained to me how she was going to used her new hair line on me which will come out in a couple of months. Then she proceeded to wash/condition my hair with some of the most moisturizing products that I have ever had on my hair. She was extremely forthcoming with everything she was doing as well as why she was doing it. Most of my past hair stylist were really secretive about what they were using or why they were using it. (LOL)

Next, she put me under a hydration machine for approx. 15-18 minutes. My hair felt amazingly condition and full of moisture. She rinsed me and put another product on my hair not sure what it was. I follow her to her chair for one of the best comb outs I have ever had. I usually don’t like for anyone to comb my hair because they don’t know the proper technique for detangling kinky hair. It’s not that our hair is difficult; we just have not been educated on how to take care of our hair. The average beautician’s just DON’T have a clue nor do they take the time to learn how to care for hair in its natural state. 

Finally, she blew my hair with an ionic dryer, flat ironed it with a chi iron, and then trimmed about an inch off of my hair. Lastly, she “flat ironed curled” each section into big beautiful curls. I LOVE MY HAIR! My hair is so shiny and healthy!! I only had a camera phone so the pictures do not capture how incredibly SHINEY my hair is right now. Ladies if you can afford it try it at least once in your life. I guarantee you WON’T be disappointed. If I lived in ATL I would probably go 2 times a year for maintenance and once a month for the hydration treatments. 

SIDENOTE: I got my hair done in april 2008. Robin has since moved back to the original TOO GROOVY Location. 
Have you ever been to TOO GROOVY? If so how was your experience?


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