Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lately I have been running to clear my head as well as to get my cardio game up. I'm currently doing a cycle of Insanity, so I decided to get back to running. I have been running 15-20-30-45 minute runs depending on how I feel that day. No pressure just run until I feel a nice aerobic burn, then stretch afterwards.

After three weeks, I needed to get some new shoes because my old ones were worn out. My stomach is almost washboard flat, even though I had a baby a year ago. I attribute this to my new running schedule. I was able to lose my pregnancy weight many months ago, but I still had a slight post pregnancy pooch. Since running, that has all change. Losing weight doesn't necessary mean you have got your pre pregnancy body back. Some times there are some fat deposits still left. So will you join me in pursuing your best body yet???


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