Friday, May 4, 2012

I had to learn the hard way that MOISTURE is key to retaining hair growth. Our hair grows ,but the real key is how much can you RETAIN!!!!!! As you can tell I hate getting my hair cut, lol.
I recently just stopped air drying my hair in a bun. I found that it caused more knots and breakage. I now air dry in bantu knots, then put my hair in big twist after it dries.

The change in regimen has work wonders for me. I just got 3 inches cut off :( So I'm actually testing out this theory to see if I can retain more length then normal. I want to see how fast I get the 3 inches back or should I say keep the 3 inches that I grow. I also spritz my hair with 50% hot spring water, 40% rose water and, 10% aloe vera juice then seal my hair with grape seed oil(ceremide). It's only been a month but I can tell that this will be a game changer for my hair growth journey!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes ma'am! I will do a regimen update soon...I hardly use combs or brushes anymore. Just finger detangling...

  2. What sort of hot spring water do you use and where is it sourced?

    1. I usually use mountain valley spring water. I found a local distributor who delivers it for about 70% cheaper than it is sold in the stores.